Why Choose 4C Technology?


Why choose 4C Technology in a world where even security systems are presented by some with a surface gloss of ‘plug-and-play’ simplicity?


4C Technology brings to bear a deep knowledge of the risk management dimensions relevant within its customer’s operating environments. We understand the increasing importance of delivering solutions that mesh with broader aspects of enterprise control, in areas such as asset management, business continuity, IT security and profitability.
Our customer support philosophy, identifying how we can add value, has evolved from the traditional ‘design – install – maintain’ model to a four-stage, ’evolutionary’ concept: Analysis – Implementation – System Management – System Operation. We understands that service is about performance deliverables that can be measured and continually improved upon.


To this end, we look to root our relationships in Service Level Agreements. This is driven by a systematic internal management approach and investment in strong service engineers. We are a new generation of supply partner: from surveying, pre-sales advice / financing, to the availability of support at a trans-national level via our international customer and support group.


Through its network in Africa, 4C Technology offers not only best of breed technologies, but also superior logistical and product after-sales support.